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Nothin’ but Veggie Dinner

Yesterday after my morning blog post I worked until 5pm and then went for a run at a park located halfway between my workplace and home. Every morning when I am on my way to work I see people running around this park and thought it was my turn to try it out!

I ran 4 miles around a lake and was certainly pleased with this new to me running spot! There was so much activity which always helps motivate me and the lake was beautiful to run around during golden hour!

When I arrived home I went right to the kitchen to whip up a veggie-only (plus cheese, because that’s a must) dinner that I have been having a lot lately. My dinner included Zucchini, Asparagus, Onions, and Tomatoes.

IMG_1333 FullSizeRender

I cut up two Zucchini’s in half and then once again right down the center so that they could lay flat on the pan. I poured a little bit of olive oil on each piece and  poured  sprinkled parmasean cheese on each. Next I halved cherry tomatoes and placed them on top with a little bit of black pepper to top everything off. My “side” of asparagus was thrown together even more quickly as I just chopped them and about a quarter of a red onion and placed it all into a bowl where I smothered them all with lemon juice and a large portion of lemon pepper. I set the oven for 375 and left them both in for 15-20 minutes or until everything is tender.

The Zucchinis made me feel like I was eating bite size pizzas and the tomatoes were instant bursts of flavor! I am a total sucker for anything lemon flavored so I knew the asparagus were going to be a win! I love eating veggie dinners because my plate can look as full as it does in the picture above and there is never any guilt in eating too much! I actually went up for seconds!

After dinner, my roommate and I went on a 1 mile stroll around the neighborhood where we talked about our each of our days and our plans for the weekend. I munched on some homemade granola that I made earlier in the week and was happy as a clam as it was a beautiful Summer night in Orlando AND the mere thought that the next day was Friday made me smile from ear to ear! 🙂



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