Long Run

Good morning! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! My alarm went off at 6am this morning to get a nice long run in before it got too hot outside. I always save Saturdays to run long distances because waking up during the workweek to fit in a long run sounds dreadful. I have the luxury of having a sister who loves running just as much as I do so doing long runs every week with her make the miles fly by!


Now I am home, showered up, eating oatmeal, and blogging to you lovely people! 🙂


Eating oatmeal is one of my favorite parts of the day! (lame, I know) But this concoction is basically desert for breakfast and that is a win for this girl! In the bowl is steel cut oats, a heaping spoonful of peanut butter, honey, and vanilla protein powder. I also had coffee with unsweetened almond milk. Almond milk is never my first choice to put in my coffee but due to the fact that I was out of creamer, it was the only other option. I surprisingly enjoyed it this time around though!

Now I am off to get ready for a trip to the farmers market, time by the pool, and a little crafting this evening! It is a beautiful day in Orlando so I am going to try to soak it up! Happy Saturday! 🙂

What workouts do you save for the weekend?
What are your plans for the weekend?


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