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Movie In The Park!

Last night was another Summery night to enjoy! I am dreading the still, humid and hot summer days that are promised in Florida, but surprisingly I haven’t felt this yet. So far this Summer, every night there is a cool breeze that flows through which makes time outside enjoyable!

Before we hop into details about the Movie In The Park, let me tell you about this dinner I have been loving lately!

I always feel a bit rushed when I come home from work and have plans in the evening, but this dinner came together so quickly that I think I will try to keep all of these ingredients on hand more often for those grab and go nights!


I put together a fish wrap with Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi burger, Mango Peach salsa, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and a Whole Wheat Wrap! The burger takes less than 10 minutes to cook on the frying pan and I just rolled everything up and was all set!


This combo was spot on! I am a big fish lover and the mahi burgers were amazing! They didn’t taste like typical frozen fish dinners do, with that almost too prevalent oil taste which was well accepted. The Mango Peach salsa is new to me, but I thought of many more recipes that this number can go on in the future! It was a winning dinner all around!

Then I packed up my bags for the evening and was out the door!!

The city of Winter Park holds a Free movie on the Central Park lawn once a month- if it’s free it’s for me! Everyone comes out with picnic baskets, blankets, lawn chairs and camps out for an old time movie! It’s adorable and picturesque! ( I highly suggest it if you live in Orlando!)


Last night the movie selection was Batman, 1989. I am a fan of Batman,The Dark Knight so I figured the 1989 version, would be just as good! I realized how much movie-making has changed from then until now! We have come a longgg way!

We were all discussing afterwards and the plot did not impress us like the later versions do, and we felt like we had to figure out who the good guys and bad guys were for the first half of the movie. There were also parts of the movie that were awful and comical at the same time. For example, the soundtrack was almost completely all by Prince (bizarre choice) and the Joker just looked like a cheap Ronald McDonald. Now, even just the thought of the Joker gives me the heebie jeebies!


The city provided free popcorn, and fizzy drinks (unpictured) that I snacked on while watching Batman fight crime in Gotham City.

IMG_1412 IMG_1413

The movie didn’t end up starting until 8:45pm because the screen would not be able to display the picture until the sun had set, so we left before the movie ended so that we could all get to bed at somewhat of a reasonable hour!


Overall we enjoyed our night in the park with good company, and all got a good laugh at the 1989 movie making business!

Now I am off to work before the weekend officially begins! yippee!

Does your city hold any events during the Summer that you are looking forward to?


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