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Summer Competitions

Morning to ya! I hope you broke through that Monday blues and are in full swing for your work week ahead!

I tried a new recipe last night that I will be sharing later in the week so look out for that! It’s a Winter meal that a few friends and I were fine with indulging in during the Summer months!

Speaking of Summer…

Within the last month I have signed up to run the Rock n’ Roll Marathon in Savannah, GA and have joined a Soccer League! Both are competitions that I am really looking forward to! The training for the marathon (which is in November) has just barely begun and my first official soccer game is next week! I think everyone has a little bit of competitiveness in them and that is why we LOVE playing sports or watching top athletes compete! As I thought about what I would be competing in this Summer I also began to think about the Summer sports that I am looking forward to watching on TV!

stanley cup

Although the trophy has been already claimed by the Blackhawks (booo!) the NHL Stanley Cup Tournament is always fun to watch! Hockey is such a high intensity game and it keeps your attention the whole time! I got into watching a couple games this year because my hometown team was in it until the very end! I was a bandwagon Lightning fan this year and I am not ashamed! I do find it a little bizzarre that this Winter sport holds their biggest tournament during the Summer months though….can someone explain that?!


The Women’s World Cup is going on this Summer and I have already tuned in to watch a few games already and plan on catching a few more! The men’s U.S. team put up a good fight last year, so these women have a lot to live up to this year! It seemed like Soccer came alive last year in America and I really want to see that continue! I absolutely love watching soccer! It is so incredible to watch talented soccer players use their teamwork and footwork to fight for a goal. It takes a lot more work to get a goal, more so than hockey or basketball, and that makes the celebration that much more sweet! I think the competition will be fierce and fun to watch this Summer!


Le Tour de France is a competition I have been watching since high school! My dad got me into it about five years ago! I first only started watching it for the crashes (kind of like what everyone does for Nascar), but then I started cycling on my own and realized the real talent that these men have to cycle for over a month straight! They ride over cobblestone, up and down mountains, and gain speed from 30mph all the way up to nearly 100mph! I really enjoy the competition and watching the cyclist ride through the beautiful European countryside! I am glued to the TV watching this race happen year after year! I cheer for Giant Shimano which is a German team that is always so close to winning but falls a little too short every year ! Marcel Kittel is also one of the main reasons I cheer for Team Giant; he is easily one of the best sprinters in the world right now and might I add pretty easy on the eyes… 😉


Below is a list of other sports that have some big tournaments going on this Summer!

NBA Finals

World Swimming Champs

Pacific Games .. Never heard of this, but it sounds Hunger Games-ish

US Open

Rugby World Cup <— There’s a sport I don’t understand!

What competitions do you watch during the Summer months? What sport do you like to watch throughout the year?


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