Hot, Hot, Hot

This week Orlando hit near-record breaking temperatures! Orlando temps reached 100 degrees last Friday and everyone new it! The meteorologists are saying that the last time we hit 100 degrees was in July 1998! Amazing! Well, if your wondering we all survived and lived to tell the tale!

Surprisingly a lot of my weekend was spent outside in the scorching sun!

Saturday morning my sister and I completed a 12 mile run together. We are trying to build up our mileage every weekend in preparation for the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon in November! After our run, we showered, and cleaned the house before friends came over to enjoy breakfast together to celebrate my roommate, Jordan’s, birthday! We all enjoyed Jordans dad’s famous healthy pancake recipe that I will have to get from her to share with you!


All of us then hit the trails for a stroll down a local trail! Some of us dusted off our roller blades while others chose to ride their bikes. We probably completed a 5 miles before all of started over heating! It was a blast to conquer the trail together with great company!



I ate about a quarter of a whole watermelon that afternoon and don’t regret it at all. Cooling off was priority!

In the evening we all reconvened at my house to enjoy a “hurricane party” themed dinner to continue celebrating Jordan! Since an intense afternoon storm rolled in, our plans for a picnic outside were cancelled so we turned off all the lights in our house and lit over 50 candles and all had dinner on the floor of our living room! We enjoyed a Greek chick pea salad and sweet tea while playing games!

On Sunday I spent the morning at church and in the afternoon, a few of us got together to shoot off a rocket, yep, a rocket! Jordan set off a rocket last year for her birthday, Mission Dreamlife. And this year I got to be apart of the second annual birthday launch, Mission Dreamlife II. I’m not one to deal with explosives, and might have freaked out a little bit when my eyes saw a ball of fire shoot up into the sky and couldn’t see where it went! “What goes up, must come down”…right? However, once my eyes caught sight of the rocket in the sky, I knew I was safe! The rocket landed over a mile away and couldn’t ever be retrieved!

IMG_1464IMG_1468 IMG_1469


2 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot

    1. Oh yes! So people in GA are rocking the sweating all the time, make up melting off my face look too!? I hope Orlando cools down for your visit as well! I’ll have to keep you updated!


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