7 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout

Yesterday I slept in through many alarms, which is my least favorite way to start off the week. I love getting my workouts completed in the morning. If I am not up and moving before work there is a high chance that I won’t workout after work. I’ll always pack workout clothes to bring and change into after work and tell myself throughout the day that I am working out in the evening but majority of the time it just doesn’t happen. This could be due to an afternoon storm rolling in, pure laziness, hunger sets in, or my body just aching from sitting at a desk all day. BUT if this happens on a Monday, it doesn’t just affect that day, it actually affects the entire week for me.

If I don’t start off the week “right” I tend to carry that throughout the week. I thought this was only something that I thought about until I saw this article by The Daily Burn that haunted me as I skipped out on my workout yesterday!


This Daily Burn article gave seven reasons why you should never miss a Monday workout

Some of their points I completely agree with! Others (aka the point about making more money) I just don’t see that being true.

I decided to think of my own 7 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout:

1. You’re more likely to workout the rest of the week – Workouts need routine and if you break it from the get-go than you feel a sense of defeat and want to give up before you even started!

2. You’re more likely to keep organized– If I just roll out of bed and make breakfast and sprint out the door, my dishes aren’t clean, and my room is a pigsty! Making time to get up and workout means making time for smoother mornings!

3. You’ll have more energy – One word, endorphins. They give you energy that can even out beat coffee!

4. You’ll sleep better-This is so unbelievably true! I am certain that working out helps you fall sleep better and fall asleep quicker. I find that on days that I don’t workout it takes me longer to fall asleep and then just begins this vicious cycle for the following days- a bad way to start the week if you ask me! zzZZZ

5. You’re less likely to grab for junk food – I don’t think I am the only one who eats how they feel. If you feel lazy you will gravitate towards “lazy friendly food” if you feel healthy you’ll gravitate towards fueling your body in a healthy way.

6. You won’t “binge” workout– Often when we miss workouts we just think, “oh I’ll just workout twice as hard tomorrow.” This is a recipe for disaster! If you workout twice as hard, you become sore, decide to not workout the next day, and then workout twice as hard again.

7. You’ll be less anxious – Working out helps me clear my head and relieves stress. Making time to workout throughout the week but especially at the start of the week will help with stress because it gives you time to intentionally think about whats ahead!

I bet there are many more reasons, but those are the ones that weigh on me the most!

Yesterday when I missed my Monday workout I tried not to fall for #5 on my list and instead of grabbing for junk food I reached for some healthier options! In the morning I prepared my go-to oatmeal! For lunch I had a few handfuls of mixed nuts, and peppers with hummus, and for dinner I went in my fridge to prepare a nice healthy dinner!

I made a salad with mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, spinach, and my current favorite Mahi Mahi Burgers!


While I was preparing dinner I had more frozen watermelon pops from this weekend! Our freezer is still completely full of watermelon and I am not complaining one bit!


Do you try to not miss a workout on Monday? Why?


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout

  1. I always try to workout on Monday to give myself that little bit of positive sense of accomplishment. Definitely helps me start my week off on the right foot : )


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