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NJ + NYC Bound

This morning I complete a 2 mile run and a short Ab workout as well as a short Arm workout. I also tried to do more intentional stretching which I am trying to incorporate into my workout routine more and more! I ran out the door after packing my breakfast, lunch, and half of dinner! Tonight I have my first Soccer game with the league I joined and our game will being at 6:30pm! I’m not one to survive eating a full meal and then working out straight afterwards so I just packed a whole wheat quesadilla and a few chunks of cheese to have after work and hold me over until I get home! Wish us luck!! I think we have a great team!

A wonderful thing that has been on my mind lately is that vacation is oh so soon!

At the beginning of July my family and I will be packing up our bags and head up to our favorite vacay spot..The Jersey Shore & New York City for our annual family vacation!!


^^Aw Yeah! This show was based off of us…I kid, I kid…

Spending time at the shore is our whole family’s favorite time of year because it involves…

Laying out at the beach or activities by the lake


An enormous amount of catching up on each others lives & laughter


And boardwalk food & rides!

IMG_5287 (1) boardwalk

The countdown until the next time we are back at the shore always begins the moment we pull out of the driveway of our beach house. That may be why I am shaking in my boots  sandals because I’ll be on a plane headed there in less than 2 weeks(!!!) My family and I have been renting a beach house every Summer for nearly 20 years but the excitement that builds up to go still doesn’t grow old!

After time in New Jersey we always make a trip up to New York City! We used to only make day trips, but quickly realized that New York has way too many hidden gems that we continue to miss year after year! Now we spend 3 to 4 days in the city. I leave every year waiting for the day that I become real brave and move up there for good..maybe this year?!


Typically my family and I stay in Brooklyn. We love staying in Park Slope-away from the craziness of Manhattan, and in an area that is more homey!


Before traveling, we love researching the newest and best places to visit! We already have a few things on our list that we couldn’t quite tackle last year, but I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the best things that you have done/seen or places to eat in NYC!

Question of the day:

I would love any and all recommendations you may have surrounding a trip to NYC! What should we do in NYC? What food do we have to try?


2 thoughts on “NJ + NYC Bound

  1. Governors Island is always a fun afternoon. If you’re in Park Slope, Celebrate Brooklyn’s cheap ($3) concerts at the Prospect Park bandshell is a nice way to spend an evening.


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