Weekend Recap!

This weekend was jam packed with fun outdoor activities! My favorite! 🙂

On Friday night I took part in Critical Mass, Orlando. Which is where over 200 cyclist gather together for a ride around downtown Orlando to raise awareness for cyclist on the road! I’m more go for the joy ride rather than the awareness part, but I love spending an evening on my bike with friends and feeling extremely safe the whole time!


That evening two of my closest friends arrived to spend the rest of the weekend with me!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I met Jenny and Lisa my Junior year of college when we all decided to hop across the pond together to study abroad in London, England. We grew to be great friends, wonderful traveling pals and I know these two are always up to see some place new and try something fun!

On Saturday morning we woke up extra early to drive to Wekiva Spring State Park and Canoed down the river. We spent about two hours on the river and I think all of us could’ve stayed out there much longer, but due to the amount of people that visit the park there is a time limit on how long you can canoe for.

We saw alligators, turtles, and enjoyed the scenery and stillness!

IMG_1522  IMG_1527

Everyone on the river was super friendly and each boat acknowledged each other in passing! I really think that outdoor activities create some kind of bond for strangers and it is so sweet to see!

Lucky for us we met some really kind people when we ran over a long and got completely stuck!! About five other boats came around to help us! While I was conversing with the boaters on a strategy to get us off of this log, Jenny snapped a picture of our new friends that came to our rescue!


I enjoyed showing Lisa and Jenny around Orlando the rest of the day, and by 8pm we decided we were all ready for a night of wine, cupcakes, and a chick flicks! We were all exhausted from the river and sightseeing!

I woke up around 5:30am the next morning to get a run in before church! A few people from church all went out for lunch to Panera and it was a great end to a fun weekend! Sundays are always bittersweet because I am always too much in love with the weekend to depart it especially when the weekend was this fun!

P.S. This weekend I made a recipe that I have been testing out lately and am ready to share it with you on the blog tomorrow!

What was your favorite activity that you did this weekend? 


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap!

  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Any night that ends with cupcakes sounds pretty perfect to me! I was able to spend lots of quality time with friends and family which was awesome. Hope you had a great Monday!


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