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NJ + NYC Bound

This morning I complete a 2 mile run and a short Ab workout as well as a short Arm workout. I also tried to do more intentional stretching which I am trying to incorporate into my workout routine more and more! I ran out the door after packing my breakfast, lunch, and half of dinner! Tonight I have my first Soccer game with the league I joined and our game will being at 6:30pm! I’m not one to survive eating a full meal and then working out straight afterwards so I just packed a whole wheat quesadilla and a few chunks of cheese to have after work and hold me over until I get home! Wish us luck!! I think we have a great team!

A wonderful thing that has been on my mind lately is that vacation is oh so soon!

At the beginning of July my family and I will be packing up our bags and head up to our favorite vacay spot..The Jersey Shore & New York City for our annual family vacation!!


^^Aw Yeah! This show was based off of us…I kid, I kid…

Spending time at the shore is our whole family’s favorite time of year because it involves…

Laying out at the beach or activities by the lake


An enormous amount of catching up on each others lives & laughter


And boardwalk food & rides!

IMG_5287 (1) boardwalk

The countdown until the next time we are back at the shore always begins the moment we pull out of the driveway of our beach house. That may be why I am shaking in my boots  sandals because I’ll be on a plane headed there in less than 2 weeks(!!!) My family and I have been renting a beach house every Summer for nearly 20 years but the excitement that builds up to go still doesn’t grow old!

After time in New Jersey we always make a trip up to New York City! We used to only make day trips, but quickly realized that New York has way too many hidden gems that we continue to miss year after year! Now we spend 3 to 4 days in the city. I leave every year waiting for the day that I become real brave and move up there for good..maybe this year?!


Typically my family and I stay in Brooklyn. We love staying in Park Slope-away from the craziness of Manhattan, and in an area that is more homey!


Before traveling, we love researching the newest and best places to visit! We already have a few things on our list that we couldn’t quite tackle last year, but I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the best things that you have done/seen or places to eat in NYC!

Question of the day:

I would love any and all recommendations you may have surrounding a trip to NYC! What should we do in NYC? What food do we have to try?

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Movie In The Park!

Last night was another Summery night to enjoy! I am dreading the still, humid and hot summer days that are promised in Florida, but surprisingly I haven’t felt this yet. So far this Summer, every night there is a cool breeze that flows through which makes time outside enjoyable!

Before we hop into details about the Movie In The Park, let me tell you about this dinner I have been loving lately!

I always feel a bit rushed when I come home from work and have plans in the evening, but this dinner came together so quickly that I think I will try to keep all of these ingredients on hand more often for those grab and go nights!


I put together a fish wrap with Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi burger, Mango Peach salsa, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and a Whole Wheat Wrap! The burger takes less than 10 minutes to cook on the frying pan and I just rolled everything up and was all set!


This combo was spot on! I am a big fish lover and the mahi burgers were amazing! They didn’t taste like typical frozen fish dinners do, with that almost too prevalent oil taste which was well accepted. The Mango Peach salsa is new to me, but I thought of many more recipes that this number can go on in the future! It was a winning dinner all around!

Then I packed up my bags for the evening and was out the door!!

The city of Winter Park holds a Free movie on the Central Park lawn once a month- if it’s free it’s for me! Everyone comes out with picnic baskets, blankets, lawn chairs and camps out for an old time movie! It’s adorable and picturesque! ( I highly suggest it if you live in Orlando!)


Last night the movie selection was Batman, 1989. I am a fan of Batman,The Dark Knight so I figured the 1989 version, would be just as good! I realized how much movie-making has changed from then until now! We have come a longgg way!

We were all discussing afterwards and the plot did not impress us like the later versions do, and we felt like we had to figure out who the good guys and bad guys were for the first half of the movie. There were also parts of the movie that were awful and comical at the same time. For example, the soundtrack was almost completely all by Prince (bizarre choice) and the Joker just looked like a cheap Ronald McDonald. Now, even just the thought of the Joker gives me the heebie jeebies!


The city provided free popcorn, and fizzy drinks (unpictured) that I snacked on while watching Batman fight crime in Gotham City.

IMG_1412 IMG_1413

The movie didn’t end up starting until 8:45pm because the screen would not be able to display the picture until the sun had set, so we left before the movie ended so that we could all get to bed at somewhat of a reasonable hour!


Overall we enjoyed our night in the park with good company, and all got a good laugh at the 1989 movie making business!

Now I am off to work before the weekend officially begins! yippee!

Does your city hold any events during the Summer that you are looking forward to?

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If You Are What You Eat!

Good morning! I have a yummy lunch option for you today (and every day, if you’re like)!

If you are what you eat, then I would most definitely be this Balela Bean Salad from Trader Joe’s! ❤


I first had this salad a few months ago when I spent the day on the other side of Orlando and forgot to pack snack to hold me over until I got home! That is never fun because hangry-ness typically ensues and you end up spending money that you know could have been avoided! Luckily for me, I picked up this treat and it has changed my life ever since! <—I’m aware that this sentence is a little dramatic! 😉

Ever since I had this salad I have been re-creating it at home on a weekly basis! It is refreshing to eat, simple to make, and filled with healthy ingredients! Why would I not eat it everyday?!

Trader Joe’s is known for :

*No Preservatives
*No Synthetic Colors
*No Genetically Modified Ingredients
*No Trans Fats

…which makes for easy label reading! Once I ate the Balela Bean Salad, read the label and realized how simple the ingredients were I gave it a shot in my own kitchen!

Into the bowl went:

2 Cans of Garbanzo Beans
1 Can of Black Beans
1/2 Red Onion (Chopped)
Cherry Tomatoes (Halved)
3/4 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1 tsp Minced Garlic
3 tsp Lemon Juice
1 Cup Parsley (Finely Chopped)
Salt and Pepper (to taste)



I didn’t have parsley on hand when I made it (and typically make it without it!) Personally, I think it is great with or without the parsley!

I almost always have these ingredients in my kitchen cabinet so this is something I throw together on a weekly basis and eat for lunch or even dinner sometimes if I add chicken to it! Sometimes I eat it with just a fork and other times I scoop it with tortilla chips!


Enjoy! 🙂

What is your favorite Trader Joe’s product? Have you ever recreated it at home?

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Blog Name and Inspiration

FullSizeRender (3)

Blog Name

More Honey Please is a name that I came up with not too long ago as I was brain blog-storming about the idea of starting a blog. I have been inspired by the many healthy living blogs that I have followed for years now, and really felt like all of the great blog names were taken. It seemed it was  “slim pickens” for me when it came to blog names!

I really wanted a name that represented my sweet tooth, something that was honest to what I eat on a daily basis, and something that has a deeper meaning to the name as well! My blog title describes my faith and fondness of food. Find out a little more about my what my blog name means in my About section here! I didddd consider naming this blog More Chocolate Please but then I figured no one would take any health tips from a girl who is that fixed on chocolate!


Like I said earlier, I have been reading Healthy Living Blogs for years! I discuss them on the regular with my friends who follow the same blog, I try their recipes and workouts! I “know” their families and their pets. I know their beliefs and struggles. This community is unbelievable and I am really excited to be a part of it! Whether or not these bloggers know it, below are a list of blogs that have inspired me the most! They have taught me how to cook, train, and fuel my body well! They give me ideas for workouts, travel, fashion and keep me in the loop on all things cool!

Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers


Courtney @ Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Sweet tooth sweet life

Kath @ Kath Eats Real Food


Katie @ Dashing Dish

 Dashing Dish

Jenna @ Eat, Live, Run


Brittany @ Delighted Mrs


I hope you pop on over and say “Hi” to them! 

Who inspires you and how? Do you have fitness role models?

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Nothin’ but Veggie Dinner

Yesterday after my morning blog post I worked until 5pm and then went for a run at a park located halfway between my workplace and home. Every morning when I am on my way to work I see people running around this park and thought it was my turn to try it out!

I ran 4 miles around a lake and was certainly pleased with this new to me running spot! There was so much activity which always helps motivate me and the lake was beautiful to run around during golden hour!

When I arrived home I went right to the kitchen to whip up a veggie-only (plus cheese, because that’s a must) dinner that I have been having a lot lately. My dinner included Zucchini, Asparagus, Onions, and Tomatoes.

IMG_1333 FullSizeRender

I cut up two Zucchini’s in half and then once again right down the center so that they could lay flat on the pan. I poured a little bit of olive oil on each piece and  poured  sprinkled parmasean cheese on each. Next I halved cherry tomatoes and placed them on top with a little bit of black pepper to top everything off. My “side” of asparagus was thrown together even more quickly as I just chopped them and about a quarter of a red onion and placed it all into a bowl where I smothered them all with lemon juice and a large portion of lemon pepper. I set the oven for 375 and left them both in for 15-20 minutes or until everything is tender.

The Zucchinis made me feel like I was eating bite size pizzas and the tomatoes were instant bursts of flavor! I am a total sucker for anything lemon flavored so I knew the asparagus were going to be a win! I love eating veggie dinners because my plate can look as full as it does in the picture above and there is never any guilt in eating too much! I actually went up for seconds!

After dinner, my roommate and I went on a 1 mile stroll around the neighborhood where we talked about our each of our days and our plans for the weekend. I munched on some homemade granola that I made earlier in the week and was happy as a clam as it was a beautiful Summer night in Orlando AND the mere thought that the next day was Friday made me smile from ear to ear! 🙂



Hello World!

Thanks for stopping in for my first post on More Honey Please! More Honey Please is a healthy living blog where I will post daily about the sweetness of life! I hope you join with me as I blog about fun recipes, workouts that I am loving, traveling, and my journey following Jesus!

First things first. I want to introduce myself and some of the people that you will see frequently on More Honey Please!


I’m Bri! I grew up in St. Petersburg, FL where I dabbled in all types of sports but quickly found out that I loved running the most. I competed in high school cross country and in my senior year of college I also ran competitively. I went to Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian Liberal Arts School, where I studied Communications and Cross Cultural Studies. I moved to Orlando in 2014 and am currently working out my degree as a Donor Communications Specialist at a global ministry. I love growing in knowledge about health and fitness and I completely understand the saying “health is a journey, not a destination.” I have my journey to share and will be sharing with you, but that will all be in posts to come!

So continuing with the journey theme..I would like to introduce you to the people I journey with and the many faces you will see pop up on this blog!

My sister, Alana, and brother in law, Ben, are the faces that you will likely see the most frequently…


These two are my best friends, mentors, and favorite dance partners! They both have lived in Orlando for about 6 years now, and when I moved I knew I wanted to be near them! We see each other atleast three times a week which is just the way I like it! My sister and I often wonder how we ever lived 3+ hours from each other during our college days.

My parents are also two faces that might frequent the blog..


Although my parents live in St. Petersburg it is a short enough distance to make the occasional trip home, or a quick visit for them up to Orlando! My family and I really value quality time. We prefer time outdoors, taking vacations together, and trying new restaurants! We love to stay active and I credit them both to a lot of my health and fitness passions!

I also have a way-to-cool-for-me roommate, named Jordan..


Her and I love going for walks, drinking coffee, and exploring Orlando! Jordan is always up to something that keeps me on my toes at all times and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I am excited for us to frequently share about life’s sweetest moments as we team up on our health journeys!

Who do you share life’s sweetest moments with?