Scents & Smells

This morning I went for a run around University of Central Florida! UCF has such a nice campus and because I didn’t go to UCF and went to a smaller school I am amazed by the massive stadiums, and all of the facilities that they have that my school was missing! But as I was running a familiar smell whipped through and it reminded me of the many times I visited my sister when she attended UCF. It was this very potent laundry scent. I remember always visiting my sister and walking on campus and smelling this scent! Isn’t it weird when you smell something and it instantly takes your mind to a certain memory? And who knew UCF had a particular smell?

The rest of my run I couldn’t stop thinking about what smells remind me of certain memories and here’s what I came up with!

-My family and I love vacationing on cruises, but I think all cruises have a certain stentch that isn’t the kindest smell. I think it’s from the cruises burning off the garbage as they are tugging along in the middle of the ocean. I’m not sure exactly, but there is a specific garbage scent that reminds me of cruising. Strange!


-The smell of the Atlantic Ocean reminds me of annual family reunions at the Jersey Shore! The breeze off of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most refreshing scents to me! Maybe, because it take me to a relaxing time?

-I’m sure every college had this issue, but at PBA our cafeteria made everyone smell awful! You either smelt like stir fry, fried-anything, or like dirty dishes. Whenever I smell any of those scents I instantly revert back to the days when I had to walk around with an extra set of clothes to change into after lunch at the cafeteria! Here is a skit that my school made to give us students a little comic relief!

-A couple Summer’s ago I ate hummus every. single. day. Now every time I see or smell hummus I am reminded of Summer 2013 and how I gave it up for the whole next year!

-The smell of wool reminds me of my semester abroad. I studied in London, England during one of Englands coldest Winter in over 50 years! This Florida girl always was freezing. And I always had half of my face smothered into my wool scarf. My nose picked up that smell and now every time I am near wool I am reminded of that time I was frozen for 5 months straight!

-Chai instantly takes me back to my Summer in Africa. We sipped on Chai every morning and evening. I fell in love with it so much that I had up to 5 cups a day! Chai obviously has a very strong smell and anytime I am near it I remember one of the best trips of my life!


What certain smells take you to a particular place or memory?


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